Thursday, February 12, 2009

Selfish people care only about themselves. Some people don’t care at all about themselves. They care only about other people, their children, their company, their political organization or whatever.

In nature there is always a balance between polarities. Predators and their pray live in a balance. The predator die out if the pray die out. The brain is in fact two brain halves, balancing each other. Some people overuse their left brain half. Some people overuse their right brain half.

The autonomous nervous system consists of two parts also balancing each other, the sympathetic nervous system and the para sympathetic nervous system. Too much activity over a too long period of time in one or the other is not healthy. It creates all kinds of physical disorders.

So, there has to be balance. Ying and Yang has to be in balance. The formless world and the world of form need each other. Without the world of form, the formless world wouldn't exist because no one would be there to recognize it. If you focus only on the spiritual realm, like the religious people or if you focus only on material things, like the mundane people you are out of balance. You are out of balance if you care only about your inner world or if you care only about the outer world.

We live in an extremely unbalanced culture. Those who has got on their lot to balance out the extreme materialism has a tough job.

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