Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who is driving your car? Is it your mother or your father? Is it your husband or your wife? Is it a boyfriend with alcohol problems or is it displeased wife? What if it is a ghost?

Where are you heading? What would happen if you took over the wheel? Where would you go? Would it by like having a bunch of complaining kids in the back seat and their drunken grandfather beside you?
-Mum! Why can’t we go to the Mc Donald’s?

Your goals are not your goals. Your political opinions are not your political opinions. Your beliefs are not your beliefs. You get almost everything from others. Your cup of tea is not your cup of tea. Someone else is driving your car. You are a passenger.

"I still have an ego. I still have ego reactions." Isn’t this strange statements?
Who is this I who is having an ego? Who is this I who is observing how the ego reacted? I think that they both originate from the same place. Ego is an unconscious reaction. The I is conscious.

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