Thursday, September 18, 2008

A man can be in love with two different women. He can love his wife, and his mistress. (This goes of course for women also. A woman can love her husband, and her lover.) Nothing is strange with this. Many men and women have had this experience.

A man can be deeply disgusted by the modern meat industry and how animals are treated, but nevertheless truly enjoy a steak and a beer.

A man can be very aware of how idiotic it is to smoke, but keep on smoking anyway.

It is not necessary to walk the talk. It is not necessary to choose. You can serve booth God and money. Isn't this obvious? We are all borne into this world of double standards and we have to live here, in this world, in the real world. Inner conflicts is something we have to learn to live with.


Doreen said...

If the world of double standards were truly the real world then there would be no conflicts.

Doreen said...

If you have to learn to live with this then you are going against your true nature and you will suffer. All these ideas you talk about are based in a false belief system. A system of beliefs created by a human system which go against our true nature. And Our True Nature is to be Equal without judgments. The creation of this double standard system is meant to create suffering based on the ego. The ego of the mind tells you that these things are true or not true. People have no idea where their true self is, let alone what it says or feels. People have to fit their feelings into the straight jacket that society has imprisoned them in. Beautiful! They are prisoners and they don't even know it! Just look at the rule book, to see how you are doing. You can break the rules as long as they are in the rule book. That is acceptable. They have no idea that the rules are not Real! That the rules go against True Human Nature.

I am babbling. It is impossible to talk about. It won't make sense to the senseless.

You really need to understand what Love is. It is more akin to nature than anything else. It is Life itself. It is not exclusive to a few. It is everyone's birth right and everyone has it, they just can't see it because the ego obscures it. Like the sun behind clouds.

Doreen said...

In the New Earth you begin to lose your taste for a husband or a lover, a piece of beef and a beer or a smoke.