Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I don’t believe in a mankind living in harmony with nature and the planet. We will keep on polluting and destroying. Nothing can wake up the Wall Street boys and their likes around the world from their hypnotic trance. They are like religious fundamentalists. They even dress like religious fundamentalists. No wake up call is loud enough, not even a stock market crash. Now the Siberian tundra is melting away which has the effect that the methane that was bound in the permanently frozen ground is released to the atmosphere. Methane increases the greenhouse effect dramatically. Within ten or twenty years we are all gone.

There is no hope for mankind. There is no future for us and this is hard to accept. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross describes five steps in the processing of a tragic fact. She calls them “The five stages of grief” and here are my interpretations of them.

1. Denial.
“Don’t be so negative. Science will for sure come up with something. Or, what if there is no greenhouse effect. Some scientists believe that the greenhouse effect is nothing but a myth and some believe that it will be balanced by global dimming. And what if it is simply variations in the radiation from the sun that is affecting our climate. Everything depends on who you listen to. Don’t worry. Worry will only make you more worried.”

2. Anger.
“How can people be so damned blind? How come they don’t see what is going on? What idiots they are! They fill their heads with nonsense, alcohol and endless idiocies from the television. They are afraid to open their eyes.”

3. Bargaining. “Give us hope, God, please and I promise to buy a hybrid car and change to low energy light bulbs. I mean, I have a lot of money in my pension funds. Think of me. Please.”

4. Depression.
“Why bother with anything? Life is utterly meaningless.”

5. Acceptance.
“This is how it is and I can’t do anything about it. We are, after all, nothing but a pack of crazy monkeys who has taken over the planet. And don't forget that all kinds of monkeys like to cuddle up together at night when it's scary in the jungle. We are not completely mad. Let´s enjoy these last rare moments. Let´s have some fun. Let's go and get some bananas. Let me pick your fleas. Baby, baby!”

When you fully realize and accept the fact that there is no hope for humanity, that we have no future, your life and your actions will change. You will, for example, find it idiotic to save money in pension funds. The life you live here and now will be far more important. Every day will be a blessing. Your awareness will be heightened and your appreciation of little things and insignificant details. Your love, but also your sadness, will increase.


Doreen said...

Why is this hard to accept if there Is no future anyway?

Do you "believe" that one person can live in harmony with nature? Is, actually, a part of nature? Is One with Nature.

Your idea is a thought. Your idea depends on an idea that the future is where and when you will live. Are you truly concerned about what will exist after your form is gone? If you do not know about anything now, how do you know for certain that we are "doomed?" Of course, our forms are "doomed" from the "beginning" after the body becomes aware it is in the world. And at the same time you can be aware that nature is within you and cannot be destroyed by death. Death is simply the dissolution of the form. Simple but not easy. But "easy" is a decriptive concept that depends on you.

If you look at Life as one step followed by another step, then All situations become carefree and easy. 'Looking at Life as a tough road ahead looks daunting and impossible to take.

Doreen said...

I wrote this awhile ago, it doesn't really answer your entry but I thought, somehow, it pertains.

People tend to judge, most critically, those that they "love." They take them for granted and use them as their scapegoats. Jesus has been used as the whipping boy for "Christians' sins." If Jesus HAD died for humanity's sins, then we have done a lousy job of honoring that and finding our True (Unconditional) Love; what we are born with. Why do Christians use Jesus as their poster boy and continue to be so cruel to one another? The only explanation is: we have All been unconscious and insane. It is easier to Love people you don't know then the ones that are closest to you. Make THAT your spiritual "practice"; begin by loving your children, your parents, your siblings unconditionally. You may not prefer to be with a parent or sibling, but that is OK; you can still Love them, unconditionally. You may "think" you Love them already, but check with you heart. When you realize there is a difference between "ego love" and True Love you are healed...you are whole...you are "reborn" or "incarnated" to your essential "self."

The symbol of Jesus' death is a pointer for all the little deaths that Life is about. We HAVE to die to our SELVES with every psychological pain or we remain unconscious. There is not alot of "practice" involved with this process. The only thing "to do" is accept your OWN suffering, to see it for what it is and in THAT the flames of Love burn you back to wholeness.