Thursday, September 11, 2008

In elite schools, colleges and universities, all over the world, bright young men and women study hard, sometimes very, very hard to get their degrees. Their parents are proud of them. Then they will pick a career in the arms industry, banking, a multinational corporation, the media industry or a government, and they will never ever question what they are doing. They are like robots. They will dress well, behave well and they will not worry about if their work is ethically defendable or not. They will construct the nuclear arms, the land mines, the cluster bombs and the splinter bombs. They will do the scientific research to figure out which weapons have the best effect. They will sign the contracts with the sweatshops in Asia and figure out the strategies to make sure that their particular company will not be hold responsible if criticism about child labor happen to pop up. They will plan the wars, the destabilization schemes and create the economic pressures on the poor to make them work harder. Often they hide what they are doing behind a mask of Christianity. They are the successful ones and they will not change.

A radical change is much needed here on this planet, a new way of living, an awakening. It is not warmth, joy and love that direct the actions of the elite. But they will not change and they will not wake up from their hypnotic trance. I can't wake them up. I can't change the way they look at life, nobody can change them. I can't even change myself. Tell me, how shall I deal with thoughts like this?

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Doreen said...

"Tell me, how shall I deal with thoughts like this?" Just the way you are dealing with them!! But what you are saying is not "thoughts" they are facts. There is a difference here. What you are revealing is the false beliefs that people function with. The false beliefs that they are right and someone else is wrong. A false belief that they deserve to be better than another based on their family they are born in to. The false belief that anyone, no matter what their circumstances are can "pull up their bootstraps" and live a "successful" life...that money is the answer to everything. And it justifies all means...we have a world of "sanctioned" crimes in the name of Money. The whole system is malfunctioning and not many are aware of it. Because in this world money is the only thing people endeavor to create. People attach everything to money: love, success, kindness, intelligence(which EVERYONE has in a myriad of forms, but we limit the definition to include only a few; it is a conspiracy of the mind).

The only thing I would differ with in your statement is that these people cannot change. I say that each person HAS to change; yes, the group as a whole will not change but each person has the possibility for Waking Up. That is the "hope" but it is not happening in the future, it is happening NOW!
You change the world by making the change that requires no effort. The effortless endeavor. You Allow it In.