Friday, May 16, 2008

Earlier, many people used to think of New Age spirituality as mumbo jumbo. Now we can see that all ideas the mind come up with is mumbo jumbo; gobbledygook, misunderstandings, stupidities and madness.

Thousands of people was burned alive by the Catholic church during the witch hunts; hundreds of years of slave trade, the colonial robberies, the genocides in South and North America, the exploitation of fellow men and women in Europe, the communist reaction to the atrocities that soon turned in to new nightmares; and then came Fascism and Nazism; and when the cold war was beginning to get really hot in the early sixties, when the battle was about freedom and democracy against totalitarian communism, Afro Americans didn’t have many rights at all in America, not even the right to vote in a decent way. What kind of freedom and democracy where they really fighting for in those days?
And today’s fanatic neo liberalism that is completely ruining what is left of our beautiful little planet in the hysterical quest for more and more money.

All religions, ideologies, ideas and belief systems we come up with are madness. To realize this is the beginning of the waking up process.

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