Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doing and being must be in balance. To constantly do things makes us crazy. We live in a culture where just being is looked down upon. To do nothing is almost a crime. We are not allowed to do nothing. (Hard work keeps us from sin.) If we have free time we have to fill it with something. Football, jogging, evening classes in pottery, yoga, almost anything will do as long as we do something. During our vacations we desperately have to do something really exiting, go somewhere, have a good time, travel around the world. No wonder we are crazy and our kids are stressed out. This is a serious problem. Human beings need a lot of time to do nothing, to just be. This is in our genes, in our true nature.

But to never do anything at all is not healthy either. To be unemployed, without any interests and no kids or other people to care for, will soon make one seriously depressed. One will find it incredible hard to even get out of bed in the morning. Everything becomes heavy, like trudging along in the mud in heavy rubber boots.

Our true nature is silly. People who are relaxed and among good friends will crack jokes, do silly things, sing and laugh.
But our true nature is also to be serious, very serious. What is right and what is wrong? What is the meaning with everything? Does some part of us live on after death? To ponder over questions like this is also in our nature. Sometimes we have to take life as a joke and sometimes we have to be deadly serious about it. We need both sides of the coin.

Everyone seems to know about this, but still, very few seem to be able to live a balanced life, at least in our modern cities. Why is that so?


Some people hide in a cloud of words, like octopuses hide in a cloud of ink. I have a friend like that. To sit down and chat with him is to drown in an avalanche of information’s he has picked up on the Internet.


The question is not if Georg Bush junior is a moron, if he is a crypto fascist, if he is just a rich boy who only cares for his family and his billionaire friends, or if he belongs to an secret organization with an hidden agenda to create a new world order. The question is why so many people voted for him. Why did so many people vote for Hitler? The majority sided with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Only a minority supported Robin Hood. Why do the majority of people, all over the world, always side with the bad guys? This is the question.


Many beliefs are just a cover. People pretend that they have certain beliefs just to please others. “Look what wonderful beliefs I have!” Such beliefs are not very interesting. Core beliefs on the other hand are extremely important. Core beliefs determine our actions. Should I stay or should I go? I am OK. I am a fucking idiot! We are all fucking idiots. It is OK with child labor in the third world if I can benefit from it. This is how the world is made. Should I take any action or should I not. Should I pay the price for the fair trade coffee or should I get a cheaper and better tasting unfair coffee? Are human beings essentially good, or are we egoistic monsters by birth? Are we cruel by nature? The only thing that really matters is my career. The only thing that really matters is money. Isn’t it, after all, better to cover nasty core beliefs with some pretty ideas?


How come so called “spiritual people” never mention the appalling injustices in the world? Are they only concerned about their own well being? Do they only care about themselves? They advocate the "First you have to help yourself, then you can begin to help others theory." Mostly they seem to get stuck in the "Help yourself" part. What kind of spirituality is that?


Is life a lottery or is it a contest? Some people win and most people loose. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, some are clever and industrious, some have simply good luck. Some are born in terrible families where nothing really matters but drugs and alcohol. The winners seldom want to share their abundance with their fellow human beings. If they do it is mostly in form of charity to enhance their egos and what they give is mostly a tiny little fraction of what they have, the crumbs that are left on the floor. Sometimes they blame the unfortunate ones for being lazy or negative or not aligned to the source, sometimes they feel sorry for them, or they explain everything with the karma theory or Gods way to treat sinners. They come up with, like we all do, all kinds of explanations.


All this what I write here is nothing but words. Words originate from a group of cells in the left brain hemisphere. Words and explanations sometimes seems so very important but they are really just a fraction of a human being. I know this from before but I got it very clearly today after listening to Jill Bolte Taylor on The right hemisphere of the brain has been totally ignored in our culture. I have ignored it all my life because I have been conditioned this way. This is wrong. I can see it clearly now. But the left brain hemisphere is also important. And even if the language center is small and often creates a lot of problems it has to be there, it serves a purpose. Without it we would be seriously handicapped.

(Crypto-fascism is the secret adherence of a party or group to the doctrines of fascism while attempting to disguise it as another political movement. It can also refer to an individual who admires or desires fascism, but keeps this admiration hidden to avoid social persecution or political suicide. The term is used in a similar fashion to crypto-Judaism or crypto-Christianity, referring to the secret practice of one faith while adhering to another religion publicly. From Wikipedia)

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