Sunday, May 18, 2008

It is extremely difficult to give up ones religion, ideas and political opinions. Not even when one finally gets totally convinced that the thoughts are crazy. Many devout Nazis had problems with that after the war. It is like giving up smoking. Some people are coughing blood and having serious difficulties with breathing but keeps on smoking anyway.

I am wrong. I have been completely wrong for many, many years. I am fooled and I am fooling myself. I am a complete idiot. That is a tough one to swallow.

This applies to all kind of ideas, beliefs and convictions: I am ugly. I have a huge ugly nose. I am no good. I am fuckin useless. Nobody loves me. Nobody wants me…

Or: I am very good and I am smart. I am from a good family, I have got an excellent upbringing and I sure look good. I have good genes. And above everything, I am rich. I am not like the Tom, Dick and Harry’s. That is why I am entitled to so much more than all the rest.

Or:Life is about competition. Life is for the strong. One has to fight like hell to reach the top. The only thing that really counts is money, you can’t deny that. The prettiest girls prefer the richest boys. All talk about equal rights and justice is just drivel. But religion is not something to look down upon. It is a perfect cover for your true ambitions.

All convictions are dangerous. Sometimes you are right, sometimes you are wrong, but you can never be completely sure when you are right and when you are wrong. Do not trust yourself. Do not trust your inner voice.

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Doreen said...

Which "inner voice" ? There are two(at least, but not less than): "the voice in the head" or the "true nature" (which isn't a "voice" at all, it is more like a compass that tells you where you are not where you are going OR feeling of peace--the background feeling of peace).

Why do you try to maintain the right or the wrong; the left or the right; the truth or the lie? There are a myriad more possibilities to being with life.
And with the ego(the voice in the head)gone all those possibilities open up to you. You ARE an endless possibility. But no one can tell you that, and especially, the "voice in the head" will NEVER tell you that!

Being a woman helps to clear things up. It doesn't take long to see through the big lies and false truths.