Monday, March 3, 2008

If a baby is born in to a dysfunctional family with nothing but violence, drugs, and criminality around, no one will be surprised if he runs in to trouble later in life.
Well, aren’t we all born into a dysfunctional mankind? What can you expect from us?

But not all children born in rough neighborhoods under horrible conditions turn into gangsters. How can that be? Not all people in this evil world are evil. Not even a majority. How can that be? In fact, most people are pretty much OK. Most people are fooled and we deceive ourselves, but we are not evil. The core problem, I think, is that we are pack animals. We follow the head ape. If the head ape is nasty and tell us to go to war and kill little children, we will go to war and kill little children. If the head ape tell us to work like hell for peanuts, we will work like hell for peanuts. If he tell us to go to hell with him, we will go to hell with him.
We don’t want to feel odd and left out, and we have a problem with authorities. This is our problem.

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