Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When you wake up to the now all your problems disappear. It is simply wonderful. There is no climate change due to air pollution anymore. There is no injustice anymore. The fact that the clothes I am wearing are made by small children working under slave like conditions in Asia is no longer a problem. I am all set. I was comfortably off before but I wasn’t completely satisfied, something was missing. Now I have found it! There is nothing but the now and I am so happy.


Doreen said...

That has not been my experience. I think I have said this before: "Waking up" or "Living in the Now" does not make you complacent. In fact, it is quite the opposite. "Before" waking up we are satisfied with the way things are; we accept that the world is the way it is. But here lies the paradox: By "loving what is" in the Now creates the opening for radical change to occur in the world. We may not see the entire world shift to this perspective in our lifetime but we know that this is the only way it can change.

Otherwise, what would be your solution for the endless suffering around the globe? Isn't it important for ordinary, average people to become aware of world-wide suffering and their own dysfunction?

I think I hear your frustration with the Oprah-types because she may not yet be aware that, to live in the Now, the playing field will begin to become equal as societal structures break down.

I'm sorry, but no one is going to "get this" with the mind! People can "read" "A New Earth" but they will not be "prepared" for the way in which their life changes. But saying that does not mean they shouldn't go ahead and read it, if they can. If anything, if it sparks a change for a couple more people, why not? Oprah had Chevrolet, Scotch, and Skype for sponsors, obviously she does not get it!

Doreen said...

You are right! You can't "be happy" when you live in the NOW!
"Happiness" is not the goal: there is not a goal. Peace, a feeling of peace. How many people have ever encountered that state? It is undefinable. It goes beyond "happiness." Way beyond. It is rare for it to be a constant state, like in Eckhart's case. He still experiences sadness but the peace underlies it. It is multidimensional or multi-layered and completely unified at the same time. You do not have to let go of your mind; it will naturally occur--the "let go". There is no stopping it.

I can see a "progression" into peace in my experience. I can see the entirety of my life in gratitude. All the pain and misery served a purpose. Every step, every moment brings me here, now. Intellectually you know we only experience the now. We do not experience the past or the future, but sometimes we can see the entire life experience as a whole and that extends in front and behind the present in one moment. I write but who is writing? What directs me now? My brain/mind is functioning but it is somewhat automatic, without effort. What comes next, it just flows. It may be meaningless and that is fine.

Doreen said...

Did you receive the message that it is our responsibility to awaken?