Sunday, March 2, 2008

“ A significant portion of the earths population will soon recognize, if they haven’t already done so, that humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. A still relatively small but rapidly growing percentage of humanity is already experiencing within themselves the breakup of the old egoic mind patterns and the emergence of a new dimension of consciousness.” Eckhart Tolle

Dear Eckhart. Do you think that the Catholic Church will ever give up their egoic mind patterns, that is their belief system? Do you think that the Muslims will ever be ready to give up their belief system? Do you think that the economists voluntarily will give up their Nobel prize winning theories? Are you serious? Do you think that there will be a day when the executives in the big corporations are saying: “We have been completely crazy. We have been after nothing but money. We need to change that.”? Do you think that the George Bush mob will ever change their ways. How about the KKK and the neo Nazis, how do you think they feel about what you are saying? And people in general, do you really think that they are willing to give up their egoism? Are you actually saying that we are egoists?

What do you think? How big is the percentage today that are willing to give up their belief system, their egoic mind pattern? How many people of that sort have you met? A hundred? Ten? Two or tree? How I wold like to get in contact with them. Hello! Where are you? Hello! Answer me!

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Doreen said...

1. You ARE in contact with someone whose egoic mind patterns are dissolving.
2. Once YOUR egoic mind patterns start to break up you will be able to answer your questions. (with your heartmind)
3. "Hope" does not exist when you live in the NOW. There is no longer a "need" for it.
4. You cannot "understand" the "enlightened" state of being. But you can get glimpses. No stopping it or accepting it. No "need" to; it's not possible to go back to sleep. That's the beauty of it! You don't have to DO anything!
5. You cannot drop your ego with your ego.
6. AH! HA! Synchronicities! I could write a book! HA! AH!