Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I can’t change my dog how can I expect others to change their’s?

It is possible, though, to teach old dogs new tricks. We have good dog trainers here in this country and they get good results with intensive training programs.

But who or what is that I, that try to teach the brain something new? And what new tricks do the brain have to learn? Should he try to behave more like a Buddhist monk, or a Hindu Yogi, or maybe more like a successful upperclass American, positive, self confidant, like in the TV shows. Wouldn't that make life easier, if you where more like you are supposed to be.

What kind of dog do you have, a Yorkshire terrier, a poodle, a German Sheppard?

Be yourself! they tell us, the rock stars and the self improvement gurus. Many of them lie. They pretend that they are themselves, but in reality they put on a show, they act. Well, let them pretend , let them act. That’s their job, and they are so much better paid than I am?

What can we do? It is almost impossible for us to meet in the physical world. What can we do but write and have our endless talks over the phone? What would we do if we didn’t have words. Words are pretty important. Also fantasies, dreams and jokes are important. The world we live in is truly a terrible place. Most people in the world experience almost no happiness at all. It is just an endless struggle to survive. AIDS, starvation, exploitation, trafficking, war, poverty, drug problems… How could we live in this world without fantasies. Maybe the religions serve a purpose after all.

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Doreen said...

2 days ago I found a list (written about 2 years ago) of items I wanted to obtain at some point. On that list was the film: "The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser" (the English title) by Werner Herzog. (the German title is translated: "Every Man for Himself and God Against All") Yesterday in the evening I watched a TV documentary on the Discovery Channel called "Wild Child/Feral Children." When I saw the title of this show I knew I had to watch it to see if they mentioned Kaspar Hauser...and they did! (I cannot go into relating the details of this show but you can imagine some of the most extreme cases of child abuse imaginable, today) And actually, a couple of the children "survived" from complete neglect and abandonment because there were dogs involved that provided warmth and nourishment.

The next show on this channel was about a man in Thailand that has an overwhelmingly extreme viral infection of warts that resemble tree bark and roots that extend from his hands and feet. He has no resistance to infection because his immune system is malfunctioning. A doctor from Maryland may be able to cure him to the point that he could use his hands, again. The chance that Dede would have this condition is 1 in a million. (If I understand it correctly)

Last night I watched the total Lunar Eclipse.

I don't have much to say.