Sunday, February 17, 2008

In Christian mythology Mary did not became pregnant the natural way. There is a Father God but no Mother God. Isn’t that interesting? How could there be a father if there is no mother?


This is elementary: We can only perceive a small, small fraction of the totality. We are like frogs in a well, totally unaware of the nearby lake, as the Buddhists say. Our senses are not keen enough. Even with the best microscopes and telescopes in the world we will have a limited view. We will never know if there are many more universes out there.
So we use our imagination to make up fantasies how the world is working. Also the scientists speculate. No one knows for sure. This is not a problem as long as we don’t mix up our fantasies with how it really is.

Religions are not a problem as long as we don’t believe in them. And the stronger our beliefs are, the more trouble we will create for ourselves and to others. We might end up as wackos,fanatics or fundamentalists.

Fantasies, opinions and ideas are not a problem either, as long as we don’t take them seriously. If you think that you know who you are and what the world is like then you can be sure that you are wrong. Strong opinions will lead to trouble.

Well, suppose that you had found yourself living in Germany, in the end of the nineteen thirties, then what choice would you have had? If you had told people in your neighborhood that you didn’t’ have any strong opinions about anything. Then they for sure would have given you a hard time. The same thing is happening today in America or in Europe. If you point out to people you meet that they have got it all wrong, that they don’t know what they talk about, that their religion or strong political opinions is nothing but fantasies, then they will be very upset.

So it is better to shut up. It has always been healthier to keep the mouth shut.


Think of it. What if you're not the one you think you are. What if you're, in reality, someone else. Maybe the world is not at all what you think it is. Maybe the life you are living right now is all wrong. What if you are on the wrong train. What if you are completely fooled, like those who has bought shares in non existing summerhouses. This is not speculative nonsense. People has always fooled themselves.

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There is no reason to argue with anything. No results. Just lack of life. Lack of joy. Lack of fun. Lack of love.