Thursday, September 10, 2015


The sense of self, the observer of thoughts that pop up,
is also created in the brain, I believe.

The whole world is created in our brains.
Your eyes detect certain wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.
The optic nerves transport this information to your visual center.
There it is processed and an image is formed.
Sounds that you hear are created in your auditory center.
Smells are sensed by neurons in your olfactory center.
What you perceive as the reality
is simply electrochemical activity in your brain cells.
The 'here-and-now' experience is not the real reality,
it is just a fraction of it.
And, as I said, also the perceiver is electrochemical activity in brain cells.

Before life emerged, the universe consisted of practically nothing,
empty space with a few quarks and electrons here and there,
radiation, strange energies, electromagnetic fields and vibrating strings.

In the distant future, when life on earth has disappeared,
the material world, the reality as we knew it, will also be gone.
The party will be over.

Well, perhaps other life forms will develop in other parts of the universe.
Or, perhaps there are other life forms, right now, on other planets
that also create realities and hard facts. Who knows.

the brain is not some kind of receiver that picks up cosmic consciousness,
I believe.
The sense of self, the I, is gone at night
or when I am put to sleep before an operation.

Of course it is possible that the brain really is some kind of receiver
of cosmic consciousness signals. Maybe it is simply turned off at night,
much like when we turn off the TV-set when we are going to bed,
but I don't believe this is the case.
How would I know anything about these things? No one knows.

My mind, as well as your mind, is filled with beliefs, ideas and assumptions.
However, sometimes I manage to remind myself
that my assumptions, ideas and beliefs are just thoughts
that are created in my language center.

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