Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Delusions can be useful or useless

Reality sucks and then you die.
You have to find something that can make your life worth living,
Set up a goal for yourself, get yourself a hobby.
Do something.

The real world is horrible.
You have to find some kind of diversion,
a religion, a fantasy, a belief system, anything that works is OK.
Alcohol and marijuana are very effective.
A crazy love story, running, computer games, books,
long hours of hard work, partying, shopping...
Engage yourself deeply in something, social justice, the environment,
mindfulness meditation, a free market system,
whatever that works for you is fine.

You have to forget about the reality in order to survive.
You have to find a partner, you have to get something to eat,
you have to find a place to stay, you have to propagate.
This is the law of the jungle.

From time to time reality will intrude and you will break down.
After some time of grief, you'll have to pick yourself up and move on.

What else can you do?
Without a delusion, you're totally lost.


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