Friday, November 4, 2011

Minestrone soup

You’re not good or bad, you’re both. You have good and bad sides. You’re not stupid or smart, not lazy or diligent; you’re not a dreamer or a realist; you’re a mixture of many ingredients, like a minestrone soup - in a skin bag.

However, two minestrone soups will never taste the same. The ingredients vary with the season.

You can be a mixture of, for example, greed, sadness, anger, joy, silliness, curiosity and tenderness in different proportions. Sometimes there is too much jealousy in the soup; sometimes there is too much contentment.

You’re sometimes like a sleepwalker, sometimes wide-awake, sometimes sloppy and sometimes disciplined, sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish.

There is no true self. There is no genuine minestrone.

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