Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Faith can move mountains

Some believe that they are saved, others that they are spiritually awakened.
Some believe that they are stupid, others that they are smart.
Some believe that they are cursed, others that they are chosen.

Some believe that life is about struggle and competition; others believe that without love and friendship life is not worth living.

Some believe that we reap in this life, what we have sown in a previous life; others believe that we will end up in heaven when we die.

Maybe those groups in our social evolution whose faith was strong competed out groups without deeper convictions. Maybe they fought harder. Maybe they where more united. Maybe their frenzy and zealousness made them invincible.

Beliefs, faiths and myths are two-edged swords. They create disasters, war and madness in the world, but they can also create meaning and inner strength for individuals, or depression, delusions, low self-esteem and misery.

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