Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awakening for sale

You can’t buy love. You can get yourself a sexy trophy wife, if you have enough money, but you can’t buy love.

In the same way, you can’t buy awakening and you can’t buy self respect, meaning or salvation. You can buy a road map but you can’t buy a map that shows you where you can find awakening or meaning. Well, you can buy such a map but if you buy another map in another store you will get other instructions. People are selling guide books on how to find the Dao, the road to success, mindfulness, happiness, creativity, awakening, transformation, you name it. And they all point in different directions.

People are selling their awakening stories or success stories and their half-baked philosophies and theories made from their misunderstandings, delusions and dreams.

The market for self help books is worth more than 700 million dollars in the US alone and the total US self-help market is worth more ten billion dollars.

There are career coaches, life coaches, spiritual guides and teachers, authors on endless promotion tours and huge international companies selling self improvement methods in hotels and conference centers. There are tons of people living by selling all these things that can’t be sold. They are like hustlers who are selling land on the moon.


:Doreen said...

they can only sell it, if you are buying it

:Doreen said...

sounds similar to selling trees, to me...people have to buy food, which seems pretty insane to me...is it not? Should I not sell paintings, because I am, now, above the market... Essentially, I don't, it is the way it works out...you can't blame people for being caught in the system, for now...if you wrote a book, would you prefer 'not to sell it' and keep it to yourself...? If you eliminate one kind of book, you open it up to banning of books...so to speak... where would that leave you? Just because you don't like what you don't know is contained in most of the books that you criticize... where is the hurt coming from?

:Doreen said...

really, should *anything* be 'for sale'? Isn't this an essential 'problem' in society... and this is why awakening, is so crucial...without it the structures continue that keep us all separated, and believing that one person is greater or lesser than another, based on the money that they have. And the real lie, is that people believe that they are entitled to be better because of the circumstances that they just simply find themselves in... no one can change that, except through their own awakening.... and we can share these experiences to show others that they are not alone, in this shift of consciousness...in this evolutionary transition

? said...

There are many different ways to make a living. You can sell trees and you can sell clothes. You can sell cocaine, heroin and young girls. You can sell your skill in carpentry, or computer programming. You can sell work of art and handicrafts. You can sell bonds and weird financial instruments. You can get rich on many kinds of scams and rackets. You can sell awakening You can sell your soul.