Saturday, July 23, 2011


Some believe that they are saved, when they in reality have been deceived by a mad preacher; others believe that they are spiritually awake, when they in reality are lost in some wacky New Age world.

Some find the truth in the Koran; others find it in the Tea-party movement.

Everyone seems to be lost in dream worlds.

Some people spend years in monasteries practicing Buddhist meditation, only to find out later that their meditation was actually an escape from life; others spend years in research laboratories only to find that their hypotheses were wrong and all their work was in fact an attempt to please a demanding mother.

How do you know if you’re awake at this moment or if this is also a dream? What if you’re in the middle of something, but you are not aware of it.

Are you the driver or are you driven by subconscious delusions, like all the rest? Maybe you’re sitting there at the wheel but someone else is deciding where you are going. What if you’re lost? What if your road map is too old? Is this really your destination? Is this really the famous Shangri-La? How do you know that this is the place you have been looking for?

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