Friday, November 20, 2009

Beliefs or knowledge?

A lot of problems are created. I think, when we mistake beliefs for knowledge. Here is the root cause of all the religious and political wars and the reason for conflict between people. If you believe that something is absolutely right and I strongly believe that this is a missunderstanding, we will soon find ourselves arguing. If you believe that the world was created 6000 years ago, I believe that the world was created 14 billion years ago and someone else is believing that the world was never created, that it has always been, then we are not on the same page. None of us know, but we believe that we do. The beliefs have separated us.

We can live with different ideas about how the world was created or if it is possible to communicate with the dead, the real problems begin if you believe in racism, for example, that some are stronger and the weaker must die, or if you believe that nothing really matters, that everything is meaningless There are so many fights within families because of different ideas about how life should be lived or how kids should be raised. There are so many fights on this planet about things we don’t have a clue about.

Do you believe that everybody is happy in his own way? The Islamist suicide bombers are happy because they “know” that they will go straight to Paradise and the fundamentalist Jews are happy with the belief that they are Gods chosen people and that they have rights that the Palestinians in Gaza don’t have.

It would be better, I think, if we all could see that beliefs are just beliefs, castles in the air. I think that this is what waking up is about.

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