Friday, November 20, 2009

Malicious design

I am home from work since two days now with a terrible cold. I don’t think it is the swine flu but it is pretty bad anyway.

The word materialism have different meanings but in philosophy it usually means the idea that all things are composed of matter. All phenomena, including consciousness are a result of material interaction. Materialists are non-dualists. They don’t believe in a spiritual world or a God or a bunch of Gods separate from the material world.

However, what is matter, really? Today most people know that solid matter, to more than 99,99 % consist of nothing, empty space between the electrons and the nucleus of the atom and empty space between the atoms. Isn’t this weird?

14 billion years ago the universe was much smaller than a tiny grain of sand. Suddenly, this tiny, tiny little grain of whatever exploded and our marvelous universe came into being. Matter, space and time were created in this Big Bang. Later, at some point in the evolution of things, the universe began to think and wonder and love and sing and dance.

I think that the materialist creation myth is as fantastic and spaced out as any of the religious myths.

If there is a God, a being, who has designed all this and who has a plan with it, no doubt this God must be incredible evil. How can someone come up with so many terrible diseases? How could he let the Holocaust happen without interfering? This is the question why I prefer to think of myself as a materialist.

All this is of course mind constructions. I can see this clearly, thanks to Eckhart. My description here is not a true description of how things really are. It is my ideas of what the reality is like.

We all have different ideas about the reality of things, what life is about and what is right or wrong. We all have different ideas about what awakening is. We have different ideas about what transformation is. We have different ideas about everything. But the ideas are just ideas.

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