Friday, October 23, 2009

What is the mind?

The word mind is used in many different ways, like most words. Words are very mysterious, aren’t they? What would we be without them? All the thoughts, all the ideas, all the beliefs and belief systems are made of words.

Words can be used for lying and cheating, nonsense, telling the truth, singing songs, poetry, yelling to the kids to shut up, arguments, sweet-talking, telling jokes, explaining how to find the way to the post office… The thinking mind is made of words.

We are all in the same boat. We can’t live without the words. However, they also create enormous suffering. This is the human predicament. Animals don’t have this problem.

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Doreen said...

Now we have a language of the heart. And when one speaks it with others who know this language, there is no longer suffering and pain. Only Love and understanding.

It is *way* more enjoyable!