Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Those who seek will find what they want to find.

The word culture stems from the Latin word cultura meaning “to cultivate”, to grow. Humans have been cultivating plants for more than 10 000 years now and many different varieties of many different plants have been bred through the years. We grow many thousands of different varieties of potatoes, for example, King Edward, Bintje, Flava, Early Puritan... Some varieties grow better in the north with long summer days and some varieties prefer the south. Biologists know of about 100 000 varieties of rice and more than 50 000 varieties of garden roses.

In a similar way many different varieties of religion and philosophies of life have developed through the centuries. History of religion scholars know of more than 20 000 different varieties of Christianity but the varieties of Hinduism are uncountable.

Rich people will read the Bible and come up with their interpretation and neurotic people will make their their neurotic interpretations. Those who seek will find what they want to find.

Much of modern spirituality is heavily influenced by Indian spiritual teachers. Most Indian spiritual teachers don’t have to work for a living. Their devotees will feed them. Sometimes they have to spoon feed them, like the devotees of Ramana Maharishi did to keep him alive. He had freed himself from all worldly desire and cravings, also the desire to eat. It is crazy to give up eating, I think. Such yoga is for crazy people. Nevertheless, he had a lot of poor and a lot of completely sane followers. I don't understand how this works.

Poor people all over the world support the rich peoples Christianity, read the Bible with a rich mans glasses and pray to the Gods of the rich. Working class people vote for the rich peoples politicians. Explain this to me, please. Isn't it like if the Jews in Germany in the nineteen thirties had voted for the Nazis?

As I see it. It is better to give up the religions and the philosophies of life than giving up eating and and growing vegetables.

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Doreen said...

This is true. What happens for the working awakened people is that the "work" they do becomes aligned with their "spiritual" purpose (which isn't separate from their non-spiritual purpose, it is united). This is part of the evolutionary impulse: to allow for this integration to occur (body mind spirit heart: all one). You play with the forms...
(to be continued)