Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot air

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I know people who have been drunk for decades. I have never met them sober. I have been to parties and got involved in discussions with neo-Nazis. Not the violent and howling kind with baseball bats but the more sophisticated. I have known born again Christians and fanatic Muslims. I have also known non-fanatic Muslims, who enjoyed drinking whiskey, and I have known Christians who where completely possessed by the idea of getting rich. I once knew an American guy who had worked as a mercenary in Africa for many years, in Angola and Mozambique. He said that it was good job because it paid well. He was a nice fellow, relaxed and with an good sense of humor. I have had friends with strong left-wing opinions and I have had friends who were deeply into Buddhism. It turned out later that they had a secret agenda and that they were really social climbers who used their Buddhism or their intellectual left wing stance as a cover. I have met so many different kinds of people in my life and I have learned now not to listen too hard to what they have to say. I no longer care much if someone is a Christian a Muslim or a high brow intellectual. I don’t care if someone believes in astrology or in an unregulated market. I have myself, through the years, frantically defended so many strange things. I know exactly what it is all about: hot air. Not only politicians are hypocrites. What if the climate change is due to all the hot air we emit?


Doreen said...

Who Is the One that Cares?

Doreen said...

Pretty much it is due to this "hot air"; koyaanisqatsi.