Saturday, April 25, 2009

Freud declared that human beings unconsciously are motivated by the drive for sex. Adler opposed him and said that we are motivated by the drive for power. Viktor Frankel explained that the drives for sex and power are strong but the most important drive is the drive for meaning. I would say that the most important drive in human beings and what motivates most of our actions, is unconscious fantasies.

Not only religious or political fanatics are driven by fantasies and delusions. All people have their heads filled with crazy ideas. Some believe that nothing matters but money, competition and climbing the social ladder. When they have millions of dollars they still feel a compelling urge to get more. They are like alcoholics who can’t stop drinking when they are drunk. Some people believe, deep in their heart, that they are useless, ugly and that they ought to kill themselves, which some of them eventually succeed with. Some believe that nothing is of any importance but chilling out with good marijuana. Some are health fanatics and some are spreading themselves thin to please their inner dictators. The varieties in our conscious and unconscious motivations are endless.

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