Sunday, April 26, 2009

“The human brain contains roughly 100 billion neurons linked up with up to 10 000 synaptic connections each. Despite rapid scientific progress, much of how brains work remains a mystery.” (I found this information on Wikipedia.)

Indeed, it is a mystery how the brain works. Somehow thoughts, dreams and fantasies are created in the neurons and the synaptic connections. Also love and hate, intuitions, synchronicities, awareness, attention and consciousness is created here by a number of mystical chemicals. The brain is not just a brain. If you can't see what a miracle the brain is, with all its mystical chemicals, you wont be able to see any miracles at all.

Certain drugs can instantly make you lose your consciousness. Other drugs can make you relaxed or wired or crazy. Some drugs can create fantastic fantasies and images in the head. The material world is a total mystery. .

Seriously, what is matter? What does it consist of? Protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, strings, vibrations, energy. But think of it: what is an electron, really? What does it consist of? It is not easy to be a materialist these days. It is silly to be a materialist. It is as silly as defining oneself as spiritual. It is out of date to talk about spirituality versus materialism. We are lost. We don’t know anything at all. Everything is a complete mystery.

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