Saturday, January 24, 2009

What does it feel like, do you think, to be possessed by an evil spirit? Or what does it feel like to be possessed by a stupid spirit or a goofy spirit or a lazy spirit? There are wired spirits, cool, calm and collected spirits, selfish spirits, silly spirits, high spirits, low spirits. There are so many possible spirits to be possessed by, but what does it feel like to not be possessed at all? Would you feel like a horse without a rider? Would you feel like a bird without a cage? Would you feel like a slave without a master? Or would you feel like a dog without a home? Is it like not being hypnotized?

I once worked with a guy who was very selfish. He always tried to shirk the harder work and leave it to someone else. He stole what he could and he was always complaining about everything and everybody. Every now and then he informed us that he regularly sent money to a family in India to help them. "It feels good to help poor people", he explained. His charity was clearly just a way to disguise his selfishness, but I never told him my thoughts about it. Isn’t charity always just a cover for selfishness?

Some folks live pure theoretical life‘s. All they talk about and care about is what they have picked up from books. They have theories about everything. They have theories about how life ought to be lived, the true nature of man, the true nature of the soul, how the society should be organized, how science and religion is related
You name it. They live in a theoretical world

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Doreen said...

The mind loses "power" after waking up. It has no "power over" You, like a "possession". It is no longer a constant struggle to turn off the mind... You do not dull Your senses, but rather heighten them... without effort.