Saturday, January 17, 2009

The conflict between Jews and Arabs is owing to the fact that Jews perceive themselves as Jews and Arabs perceive themselves as Arabs. Biologically, or objectively seen, there is no difference between them. They kill each other because they think that they are different and because they believe that different people have to kill each other. They have been seriously deluded.

The same thing happened in Yugoslavia. Croatians, Slovenians, Bosnian Muslims and Serbs believed that they were different even though they spoke the same language
and intermarried each other. The Croatians are Catholics, the Serbs are Greek Orthodox and many Bosnians are Muslims. Is this the reason they had to kill each other so brutally? They turned into something like British soccer hooligans who believe that supporters from other teams have to be fought in the streets, and if possible kicked to death. What magnificently idiotic beliefs!

Well, something similar happened in Rwanda. People had been told that they belonged to different tribes that they were either Hutu or Tutsi, and they believed it.
But the Hutu or Tutsi thing was created by the Belgians in those days when the Belgians ruled in Rwanda. The definition of a Tutsi was a man who was the owner of at least one cow.

Cultural differences are not real. Cultural differences are mind constructs imaginations, delusions, fantasies. They create nothing but war hatred, murder and the death or injury of innocent children. It has to be abandoned.

Four hundred years ago people believed that the sun revolved around the earth and that the earth was the center of the universe. They had to abandon this belief, however, because it was an illusion and they had to abandon the illusion that the Church was infallible. (The Catholic church said that the earth was in the center
and the sun revolved around it. If you had other ideas about it you were sentenced to death.)

Two hundred years ago slavery was accepted. A hundred years ago racism was a mainstream ideology. Today racism and slavery are considered appalling by everyday people. It is the same thing with Cultural differences. They are made of illusions and appalling ideas and they have to be abandoned. A hundred years from now people will not understand how we could think that cultural differences was important.

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Doreen said...

Wow, thank You for writing this. So obvious, isn't it?

Now, we can apply this to all aspects of humans living Life. All mental constructs one has about another person has to go. ALL!