Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meditation is not about climbing to reach higher and higher levels.
It is about climbing down.
Nor is meditation about going deeper and deeper
to discover what's down there, like a deep sea diver.
It is more like ascending and safely getting back on the boat again.
Meditation is not about self hypnosis and programing.
It is about deprogramming.
It is not about learning something.
It is about unlearning.
And it is certainly not about spiritual exercise and inner fitness.
It is about spending time in the present moment.

Human beings get easily possessed by horrible and mad ideas.
In the nineteen thirties and forties many Europeans were possessed by Nazism and today we all know what those ideas brought about.

The eighteenth and nineteenth century Europeans were possessed by similar ideas but they didn’t call them Nazism. The Colonialists, the slave traders and the slave owners were deeply convinced that they belonged to a superior race and could, without any scruples, purchase small kids cheaply and force them to work to death in silver mines, coal mines or factories.

Today Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism has captured the minds of the rich and mighty and their supporters. Neoliberalism is basically the same philosophy as the Classic Liberalism from the early nineteenth century. The basic ideas are that egoism is the only true motivation force in man and that the government shall not interfere with the market and its egoistic competitors. The market shall be absolutely free. Today we can see the result of this philosophy. The manufacturing industries moved to the third world countries where they didn't have restricting environmental legislations, labour legislations and taxations. This have created an endless misery in the sweat shops and not only a local but a global environmental catastrophe. The earth’s atmosphere is now ruined for good. We can now but wait for the end of the world.

It is very, very important for all of us to free ourself from all kinds of crazy ideas, ideologies and religions. There is still time to wake up. We can still have fun, enjoy life and celebrate. There are still tickets left.

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