Monday, January 5, 2009

I consist of
forty thousand billion cells
working together according to a plan
a blueprint.

I consist of fifteen gallons of water
and a lot of hot air
thoughts, imaginations, dreams.

99, 9 % of me is empty space
space between the nucleuses of the atoms
and the electrons whirling around them.

What are thoughts
or imaginations
or dreams or a memories?

Will it ever be possible to understand
the chemical and electrical activities
in the neurons?
Chemicals are released in the synapses
they bind to receptors at other neurons and thereby create electric impulses
but how on earth do all those chemical and electrical impulses
create such amazing images in my head
when I'm asleep?
What are the images made of?

And the observer
the I
the dreamer
who observes all these images
is also what I understand
a product of chemical and electric activities.
Are not all these activities
truly amazing?

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