Friday, September 5, 2008

There are many conspiracy theories in circulation on who was plotting the 9.11 disaster. Some people think that CIA knew all about the attack, but intentionally let the terrorists pull it through. It was not incompetence and negligence that made the attac possible. This was because they wanted to create an excuse to invade Iraq and to launch the war on terror to strengthen the American global dominance and the plan for a new world order.
Others think that Mossad in Israel planed it because they wanted a war to get rid of Saddam; or maybe the Skulls and bones or the Freemasons or PNAC or the Devil himself had a finger in the pie.

The conspiracy theories flourish because the official story doesn't hold water. Of course we create theories when we don’t know what's going on. This is one of the most important functions of the mind. We mass produce theories and then we form groups in favor of the different beliefs. And then we fight each other.

This is why we have so many different religions. We don’t know what is going on. We don’t know what life is about, really. We don’t know where we are coming from, who we are and where we are going. There is so little we know for sure. The scientists produce stark proofs and evidences that ten years later are proved to be wrong. We are all blind trying to lead the blind.


Doreen said...
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Doreen said...

What makes sense, in seeing the world of form, is that even the most "evil" situations can be viewed from the place of formlessness. You can see that all humans begin their earth journey as "innocent" children. That "child" never leaves, but the child's form can be abused and tortured thus the mind of a child can be beaten or molded into a horrible form. The essence of that child will be buried deep down under all the layers of conditioning, in form. But It is still there, the Essence. Even Hitler had a Child Essence that was relatively non-existent under the madness of his form that possessed him. I am saying that, as a form, "he" is condemned to do evil (many are condemned to do evil) but we have to see the madness involved in that! Yes, all the followers of Nazism, Fascism, etc. have done and are doing insane, horrendous, evil acts. But from the soul's perspective, even the madness is "allowed" to WAKE UP humanity to the possibility within each form to Live Life without suffering. When you see that it is all mind-made madness you will see the possibility for Peace and Love that comes only from the Heart and permeates All Life. When you "see" the souls meeting, they become One, you see that All is One/Love. It's like the souls have been the "higher self" "floating above" and Now it is time to get back in the body, integrate Heart and Soul; Heart and Mind; Universal Soul, Universal Love.

This can "sound" all mamby-pamby but that is exactly what it will sound like to someone who is only seeing the one dimension of Life in the world of form.

"Compassion is possible only with understanding and awareness. Not only do you understand and respect the other person, but you have come to your deepest core of being. Seeing your own deepest core, you have become capable of seeing the deepest core in the other also. Now the other does not exist as a body or a mind; the other exists as a soul. And souls are not separate; when two souls meet, they are one. Compassion is the highest form of love."