Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am for the time being taking care of two guinea pigs for my little friend while she is out of town. They are sitting there in their cage all day waiting for more food. Though the cage door is always open they refuse to leave it. I guess they feel safe there in their little prison. Sometimes I take them out of the cage to run around on the kitchen floor. I imagine that they need some kind of exercise. But they immediately hop back in the cage again. It is too scary for them out there, in the big world.

We are often not much different. We like our safe and cosy corners. We like things to be comprehensible, not too much drama, not too many worries and uncertainties. When we leave our homes we like the world to be as we expect it to be. Our beliefs and habits are like guinea pig cages. They make our world comprehensible.

I prefer cats. A cat certainly like a snug and warm home where they serve good food. But at night he has to go out to check things out. No one knows exactly what he’s up to out there. Sometimes he is gone for weeks and you begin to think that he might be dead. But he comes back, sometimes with scars and wounds sometimes sound as a bell, with a faint smell of perfume. Cats are mysterious. That is probably why they are associated with magic and witchcraft.

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