Monday, August 4, 2008

About two months ago I saw a woman walking her unleashed dog through the park. They where maybe 50 yards ahead of me and I felt a strong irritation. I was thinking: “She really ought to have her dog leashed at this time of the year. Dog owners are so careless these days. When they have passed the bridge the dog will go crazy. He will see all the stupid geese on the meadow, with all their stupid little gosling's.” I was stepping out to try to catch up with them before they got there. When I was just a few steps behind them we had just crossed the little stone bridge, but the dog didn’t even look at the geese colony. I was surprised, so I asked her while passing them, how come the dog didn’t even look at the geese, and she answered:
-Oh, I have trained him.

We have managed to domesticate and tame a lot of animals, including ourselves. We have been trained to see what we are supposed to see.

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