Thursday, July 24, 2008

Many people who call themselves Christian are not Christian at all. Their Christianity is just a cover. They lay up for themselves treasures on earth, and go to church on Sundays with pious expressions.

However, all people are liars, not only Christians. We are born into a world of liars. Some are big liars, some are sometimes truthful, some are mostly truthful, but all of us know what it feels like to tell a lie.

Just because someone says that he believes democracy is the best political system it doesn’t necessarily mean that he supports democracy. He might even work franticly against it.

Just because someone swears that he didn't steal the car it doesn't means that he didn't steal it.

It doesn't mean a damned thing if someone says that he is deeply concerned about the future of coming generations and wants to take steps to save our planet. Maybe he cares, maybe he doesn't. It can be a strategy to win votes in an election or simply a way to present oneself as a responsible person. It is impossible to tell. One cannot trust anybody to a hundred percent, not even, as I have said before, oneself.

It is perfectly normal to tell lies. It can be a means to get away with something or to keep oneself out of trouble. The survival instinct uses lies as a tool, so one shouldn’t be to judgmental about it. But if a man want to know the truth he will soon find that it is not that easy. It is difficult to get reliable information’s. Everybody seems to know but all have different stories to tell and everybody point in different directions. What is happening to us when we die? What is the right and what is wrong way to have sex? Is it OK to be a thief? Was Columbus at thief or a great explorer? Is there really a judge somewhere that judge what we do? Are we sent to hell if we have been bad in this life? Is some part of us reincarnating?

Science has developed methods to try to find out if someone is talking rubbish or not. A scientist who claims something has to show proof. If someone else can prove that he is wrong he has to change his mind or come up with some new more compelling proof.

However, to prove something that cannot be measured is impossible. If I, for example, have experienced some very strange and interesting synchronistic phenomenon’s and want to tell abut them, I can not expect to be taken seriously. I simply cannot prove that what I am saying is true. I cannot construct an experiment that proves I am right. There are billions of fantastic stories in circulation. Everybody has stories, ideas and opinions that are complete bullshit. Human beings talk an incredible lot of nonsense. Maybe all the hot air is contributing to the global warming. There is simply no way to tell the difference between true and false statements that can't be measured. That is why I am reluctant to tell about my synchronistic experiences. There is no point with it.

Among “spiritual” or religious people proof and truth is completely irrelevant. That is one reason spirituality and religion cannot evolve. It is doomed to stay on the level of fantasy. The Lord of the Rings, The Bhagavad-Gita and The Bible are made of the same stuff, imagination. Maybe you are going to heaven when you die, maybe you are going to the underworld, maybe someone takes you there on a boat across a river. Maybe Jesus will come back and the dead will rise from their tombs. Maybe you will reincarnate. Maybe the body is a costume; maybe the soul is made of wind. So what?

Again, just because there is so much gravel, dust and sand, it doesn’t mean that there are no spiritual pearls to be found. There are, but when you have found one, know that you can never show it to anyone and that you can never sell it. It is invisible.


Doreen said...

Non-judgmental ascension in to Heaven on Earth. You pass through to the other side and no one sees it. You become thankful for each day, each moment, each raindrop.

Doreen said...

I Like Your Pictures.