Friday, February 29, 2008

Life is terrible. Reality is terrible. It is hard to find words to all the horrors. Not only Nazis killed little children just for the fun of it. In South America the natives where hunted for sport, like foxes. Little children are sold as prostitutes everyday, in China, in Russia, in Thailand, in India, in Kosovo. This is big business. The atrocities are endless.

So, to survive in this terrible world you have to construct a castle in the air, and you have to make yourself comfortable there, you have to come up with a good fantasy, or you will drown in all the horrors.

Any fairy tale will do, Santa Claus, the Easter rabbit, any religion, as long as it works for you, as long as you can believe in it. I have changed my mind now. It is wrong to complain about religions? I have stopped to complain about religions from now on.

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Doreen said...

"Waking up" does not mean denying all the suffering in the world. Actually it is quite the opposite, you can see clearly that the whole world is quite mad and suffering! And knowing this it is impossible to go "back to sleep" again, unless you enjoy your own suffering too much!

We are the "quiet r/evolution."

We have no "control" over the situations that many exist in today. Extreme poverty, forced slavery/prostitution, constant TV-watching, "brain" washing via TV commercials (MTV has tons of commercials for the Armed Forces...what's that about?) You know! Everywhere you turn the society and culture we live in wants to have you believe that "our way is the best way." Our kids do not have the "power" to resist. Although I know of many kids, today, who will not go along with the old guard. And many even sacrifice their life to this. Many "leave" because they see no hope of the world "waking up." They leave to show that no matter how bright and happy they "are" in this world--how can they live with the way it is? (I know these kids are stronger than we because they "sacrifice" their life to try to wake us up!!) In terms of this "old world" in which they are forced to live--there is no hope. But there is another reality which exists, as Eckhart Tolle calls: the "New Earth" (eventhough it has always been here, this dimension of love and peace). We owe it to all of "human-kind" to be the "way-showers."
In a sense, it is our "duty" to be awake and see the incredible suffering EVERYWHERE! Some people have dire living conditions but can be happy; others live in palaces and have deep psychological pain or even worse: they do not realize the pain and suffering they create for others by simple choices they make everyday. But the change does not occur through politics, or relief programs, or money it happens gradually as each being begins to end their own suffering. It becomes impossible, though, to blame all the people for the immensity of suffering they create because it is seemingly endless or continually frustrating. You will not SEE>You HAVE TO attend to your own "awakening" and see that without that the world has no hope. We are the hope; of course someone who is still asleep will read that as being arrogant. It is not. This is not a matter of judging others because they are born blind. The same relates to judging oneself because you "happen" to be born into a wealthy family or a poor one. You love to create "art" rather than provide goods for those that can "afford" it. And you no longer see what you create as a commodity but a "gift" to the world...purely in the "creation" of it.

Take me for example: I have no source of monetary income at present, I am still fortunate, right now, to take care of my children because their father is financially (barely by his standards) providing a home for them and paying most of the household bills. I contribute by making as little impact on the earth as possible. I do not need more things because I have everything I ever accumulated in the past and now I wish to give things away in the 2nd half of my life. Is it right to get off the treadmill while my children are still growing? How can I continue in the "old ways" when I know those ways do not help to end suffering? If my kids don't live with a big screen TV am I a bad parent? Should I live my life by going against what I know to be "right" for me, every step of the way? Doesn't someone have to clean the toilets and why not me?, I can do the job while I shine my inner light.

I have "lost" all of my friends, except you, because they do not understand what has happened to me or what my experience is. They have judged me or tried to fix me. (When you give someone unsolicited advice you are projecting your perception of life on to them--you cannot know what their experience is!!) The next time you want to give someone advice STOP: "Don't you think they have already thought of what is best for themselves?" I do not say these things, in judgement, because I know the maxim to be true for all: "forgive them they know not what they do." This is a deep truth not something I have to try to understand. Many truths I have tried, with my mind, to understand in the past but know now that it is not possible to "know" these truths through mental processes. Something else is at play/work in the universe that brings in a "grace" of understanding with the heartmind. Yes, the "heart" and "mind" are beginning to merge. This is the evolution we speak of.