Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I shouldn’t feel the way I feel. I shouldn’t be so damn nervous. I shouldn’t think the way I think. I shouldn't write about what I think. I shouldn’t believe the way I believe. I shouldn’t look the way I look. I need to lose weight. My nose is too big. I need to have an operation. I need to have a complete makeover. I should stop complaining. I should be more optimistic. I should be more creative, more positive, more confident. I should take a class in yoga or NLP, some kind of therapy that really works. I need to be more consistent with whatever I do. I shouldn't give up so easily. I really need to do something. I really need to realize something. I should be more grateful. I should love myself. I should be more loving. I should be more lovable. I should be more successful. I shouldn’t be so damn lazy. I should have more energy. I should pay more attention to what I eat. I should be more thoughtful. I should be more fulfilled, dynamic, forgiving, attentive… I need to find my true self. There are so many books around, so many therapies, so many PhDs. There are gurus everywhere. Answers. We have now reached a point in history when we have all the answers.The world is filled with them. We are at the end of history. This is the last dance. I should stop worrying. I should stop brooding. I should realize that there are no should s. I should relax now.

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