Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's all in the mind

What you can see, with your own eyes, is not the reality
but an mental 3D-film created in your brain.

The world doesn't work the way you think it works.
You are not the one you think you are.
You are someone else.

You are holding on to your erroneous worldview, 
like the WW2 japanese soldier in the jungle who refused to surrender, 
unaware of the fact that it was decades since the war was over. 

Your assumptions, convictions and ideas about yourself and the world 
are made of mind stuff, electrochemical activity in your neurons,
which is affected by preconceptions, misconceptions and social conditioning. 

God is a mental construct.
Angels and spirits are fantasy figures.

Electrons quarks and strings are concepts, theoretical models.
They have no substance outside modern physics laboratories.
The reality is an illusion. You are living in a dream world.

We are lost, as if we were lost in a big forest, out in the backwoods.
No one knows where we are so we just keep on trudging,
quarreling about which direction we should choose. 
After hours of wandering we end up in the same glade.
We have been walking in circles for thousands of years.

All political systems, religions and philosophies have proved to be useless.

What shall we do?

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