Sunday, October 30, 2016

The killer ape theory

-People have been fighting barbaric and cruel wars since the beginning of history. Is this fact not evidence enough that we are bellicose by nature? Don't critizise people who go to war, to kill, rape and destroy. They simply do what they are created to do. We follow orders, also from completely mad men, because it's written in our genetic code to follow orders from strong leaders.

-Even if belicosity is in our DNA, shouldn't we try to overcome this flaw, just like when we try to find cures to inborn diseases, or give eyeglasses to our children if they are nearsighted? 

Moreover, archaeologists and anthropologists are not in agreement on the claim that humans always have been at war with each other. Many of them can show evidence that warfare began when we became farmers and permanent residents. They claim that states and warfare did not exist 20 000 years ago. Our actions and our way of being is much more influenced by culture than by nature.

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