Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Get real?

“Only the now is real”, is a popular slogan. However, slogans are mental creations. The Now is also a mental construct, just like memories and plans for the future. What you can see with your own two eyes are images that are created in your visual center and the sounds you hear are created in your auditory center.

Right-wingers, left-wingers, religious people and atheists have completely different ideas about what it means to be realistic. Not even the best scientists in the world can agree on how reality really works. How can this be? They have fantastic instruments. How come they arrive at different conclusions? Well, conclusions are also made of mental stuff, like dreams and fantasies.

Is this world made of matter, spirit or energy? What is matter, really? What is spirit made of? What is energy? We're all in the dark.

Relativism is also an outdated worldview, like materialism and idealism. We're all lost. We're lost in space. No one knows for sure why we are here. How ridiculous to argue about things that we don't know anything about. We're like drunks, quarreling about whether Einstein was right or wrong about time.

So, stop arguing. Give up the fight. Stop defending your worldview. Ignore worldviews altogether. It's time to wake up now!

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