Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stop bothering about the climate change

Why did the Roman empire fall?
Was it because of the moral and cultural decay, the corrupt emperors, 
the plague, the civil wars, the rise of Christianity, 
the division of the empire
or was it because of the increasing attacks by barbarians?

Why did the Mayan civilization collapse?
and The Harappan, The Minoan, The Mycenaean,
The Ancient Egyptian, The  Babylonian...

Why do civilizations collapse?
Is every civilization destined to fall?

Maybe it is inevitable that also this our global civilization will crumble.
Maybe this is a natural process.
If this is so, maybe we should stop bothering about the climate change.

Do what you want.
Skip all your environmental concerns.
You can continue to drive your petrol consuming car without bad concience.

If you feel like it, if it makes you feel better,
you can of course adopt a more environmental friendly life style.
but it will not make any difference for our planet
because only a very small minority will follow your example.

Exploit poor people and nature in order to become rich.
Hide your selfishness behind charity.
Do whatever you can to get more money.
Or, if it makes you feel better,
repent, sell what you have and give to the poor.

Do what you want.
Embrace whatever  belief system that makes you happy.
Don't question yourself. Or, if you feel like it,
start questioning your self.

Do what you want.
'Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.'

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