Thursday, January 8, 2015


Fanatic Muslims create enormous problems in the world today, and it's not a matter of just a few mad terrorists. In Saudi Arabia and Iran they are in power, and in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Mali and Pakistan, they are fighting to gain power.

I have met many Muslims, throughout the years, which I have had the deepest respect for. I have also met many good people who believed in astrology. Beliefs are not that important to me. Religions and superstitions are harmless, I think, as long as no one takes them too seriously. The problems come with convictions. The stronger the conviction is, the more problems it will create. Blind faith and convictions are serious problems. I say no to both religious and political convictions. I say no to Islamic fundamentalism, Christian evangelical fundamentalism, neoconservatism and right wing extremism.

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