Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why do we deceive ourselves?

You lie, but this is not something you need to be ashamed of.
All people lie, to a greater or a lesser extent.
And everyone pretends that it is important to be honest.

Observe yourself.
How many fibs do you use a typical day,
how many white lies, how many stupid lies
and how many times did you withheld something?

Also the question why we lie to ourselves is trivial, as I see it.
You feel better when you tell yourself that you're OK.
If you are telling yourself, loud and clear, that you are a selfish idiot,
when you really are a selfish idiot,
then you're throwing a spanner in the works.

For many people are lies and self-deceptions absolutely essential
to make life worth living.
A religion, for example, regardless of how crazy,
provides both consolation and community.
Common sense and truthfulness provides no consolation.

Self-deceptions can also be very helpful for frustrated upper class housewives
who need to keep up the illusion of success
and they can also help losers who need justifications and excuses
for their excessive alcohol consumption.

Negative people may be more realistic than optimists
but optimists live a more enjoyable life.
It is in so many ways better to deceive oneself and have some fun
than to hound for truth.
Truth fundamentalists are such tedious boors.
it's much nicer to spend time with people who do not live in denial,
and delusional dream worlds.

So, white lies and little lies are necessary in modern life, I believe.
However, problems arises if you lie too much.
A few glasses of wine now and then is a pleasure,
but a bottle or two wine everyday
you will end up as an alcoholic.

Robert Trivers: Why do we deceive ourselves?

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