Friday, November 29, 2013

Dangerous ideas

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and James Randi have done a good job when they have debunked superstitious beliefs and religious nonsense. However, astrologers, spiritualists, clergymen and New Age nutcases are mostly quite harmless. There are many other, far more dangerous and powerful beliefs in this world to debunk. Dawkins, Harris and Randi are like excited hunting dogs, who are chasing voles instead of tracking down bears.

Here are a few examples of some dangerous and unscientific ideas.
  • The idea that global warming is not due to man made carbon dioxide emissions, but because of natural temperature variations. And even if global warming, perchance, would be due to man made carbon dioxide emissions, there is nothing we can do about it.
  • The idea that a free unregulated market and technical development will solve all problems, environmental problems, starvation, misery...
  • The idea that if the rich gets richer the poor will benefit from the job opportunities the rich are creating. Therefore should the rich not be taxed.
  • Rich are rich because they are genetically superior.
  • War, greed and exploitation of other people is something innate in human nature. Friendship and helpfulness is just a cultural veneer.
  • Banks and financial institutions should not be regulated. They are good for the world economy, much like oil in an engine.
Ideas such as these are not based on reason or scientific evidence.

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