Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Castles in the air

Some people denote themselves as Shia and others denote themselves Sunni.
The only difference between them is their different interpretations of Islam.
They are neighbours; they look the same and they speak the same language,
but they still have to kill each other and each others little children.

Their differences and belief systems are delusions, fantasies.
They kill each other and each others children because of imagined differences,
just as Croats and Serbs were killing each other in former Yugoslavia,
and Hutus and Tutsis were killing each other in Rwanda.

People have killed and tortured each other for thousands of years
because of delusions and imagined differences.
It is so sad, the whole thing with delusions.

Is it possible to wake up from these fantasy worlds?
I believe that it is possible.
We no longer believe that the earth is flat
or that diseases are caused by angry Gods.
Beliefs can change, even though it is painful and may take time.
It is possible to drop old misconceptions.

Therefore, you should stop to denote yourself as Sunni or Shia,
Catholic or Protestant, atheist or agnostic, liberal or conservative...
You must stop to denote yourself as Palestinian or Yew, leftist or rightist.
You have to abandon all separating designations.
You have to wake up.
As long as you are not willing to do this, you are a part of the madness,
you are deluded, insane.

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