Saturday, October 15, 2011


Are you a dualist or a non-dualist? What incredibly silly question? Are you a Muslim or a Jew? Are you a left-winger or a right-winger? Are you a materialist or an idealist? Are you a banana? You are a human being, for heaven’s sake.

What difference does it make to you, if consciousness is created in your brain or if it is created somewhere else? Seriously, what difference does it make? What difference does it make for you, right now, if some part of you lives on after death, or if no part of you survives death?

What makes you think that the material world is of less importance? What makes you think that the material world isn’t magical? Where did you get those ideas from? Did you get them from your religious conditioning?

You don’t know what matter is. You have absolutely no idea of what consciousness is. You don’t know how nightmares are created. You don’t even know where daydreams come from. How can you expect to understand what is happening to us when we die when you don’t even know what thoughts consist of?

Or, maybe you are a materialist, although materialism is an outdated worldview. Any high school kid can explain to you that an atom consists of practically nothing. If the nucleus of the atom would be as big as a pinhead, the atom would be as big as an ordinary classroom. Moreover, what is an electron, really, a particle or a wave? How can anyone call himself a materialist today, without being ignorant?

Can you explain to me how a telephone works, or a computer? Eternity. Holy Moses!
I tell you, you don’t know nothing about anything. You have been deceived or you have deceived yourself. Either way. Wake up! For heaves sake!

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:Doreen said...

death is not the opposite to Life... knowing this makes the difference in how the human life experience is felt and Seen...