Sunday, July 3, 2011

Right now

What you are experiencing as the present now, is actually something that happened a quarter of a second ago. The now has to be processed in the brain before you can experience it. This means that the now, the past and the future are made of the same stuff, neural activity.

If there had been no brain substance in the world there would have been be no present now. There would have been almost nothing at all, just dark, endless empty space, with a few electrons and quarks or strings here and there.

Such discoveries are useless, I think. What difference does it make to you if the world in reality consists of almost nothing? What difference does it make if it takes a quarter of a second to process sensory input or if the processing is instant?

What difference does it make if consciousness is created in the brain or somewhere else?

What difference does it make if the sense of I am is just a hallucination, some kind of weird mirage, or if it‘s the eternal soul?

Why do we fill our heads with so much irrelevant information? We are ruining this planet with our greed for more money. This is a fact. Our fantasies about what will happen to us when we die are of secondary importance. We strain gnats and swallow camels?


:Doreen said...

hhmm... how do You explain synchonicity?

? said...

I can't explain synchronisity. I don't have a clue. It's strange. A lot of things are strange in this world. In fact, everything is strange. Everything is a mystery to me.