Sunday, February 20, 2011

The climate change

Is global warming a myth? How many minutes have you used to look into this question? More than three minutes? Have you watched a Youtube video where someone explains that there is no global warming due to human activities. Did you understand at once that this must be the truth and that there is nothing more to discuss?

IPCC (The Intergovernmental panel on climate change.) has made serious mistakes. Does this not prove that they are nothing but charlatans all of them? Could it be that all these thousands of scientists have a hidden agenda?

Or, maybe you have spent hours at the computer, collecting evidence for the view that there is no global warming. If so, how many minutes have you spent looking into the opposing view? What if the climate change we experience is something we have created through our negligence, carelessness and greed. What if all those thousands of IPCC scientists are right to some extent.

Whatever view you fiercely defend, know that this is not the truth. This is an opinion, an idea, which is probably not based on any facts, experiences or discoveries at all. This is the voice of ego.

You are a neo-liberal, a neo-Nazi, a socialist, a Catholic, an anti-environmentalist or whatever, because of your ego. Without your ego you are a only human.

You may be right and you may be wrong. My point is that you don’t know and that you don’t bother to try to find out. Maybe you are afraid of yourself. Maybe it is painful to discover that all your ideas and opinions are nothing but delusions. Maybe you are simply lazy.

Some people believe that the best strategy is give a damn about all viewpoints. They think that it is better to go to the pub to have a beer or two. Others become workaholics or shopaholics or fitness freaks. Maybe they are right. Maybe the best strategy is to get drunk or drugged or finding some kind of fantasy world to live in. “I don’t know. I don’t care. I need a hamburger and a Coca Cola.”

However, to refuse to escape is also a strategy, to stand up.” I don’t run away. I don’t try to escape or hide or get stoned. I’m here even if it’s not pleasant.” Is this also the egos voice? What do you think?

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