Sunday, February 6, 2011

The sky is blue

The Youtube gurus have a lot to say. However, I think it’s more interesting what they don't say.

They never talk about exploitation of nature, people and animals. They never talk about injustice, hypocrisy and greed. They never talk about how the capitalist system is ruining our planet. They never mention that the super rich ought to share their obscene wealth with all those who are starving. They never mention that also rich people can end up in hell because of their selfishness and greed.

They talk about the now. They can talk about the now for hours.

Imagine that I had discovered that the sky is blue and begun to give talks about it. Imagine that I arranged workshops to teach people how to discover the blueness of the sky. Imagine that I had even written a book about it. Wouldn’t that be somewhat silly?


doreen said...

did You actually listen to the entire talk...?
it is speaking 'from' the now, not 'about' the now

the mind can't hear this form of talk,
the body feels it
resonates with that which is pointed at by the words...

to over 800 million people on the planet, i would be considered 'obscenely' rich

obviously, the old paradigm hasn't worked
we are shifting now...
and this includes a shift in to the heart, the essence of true intelligence

doreen said...

start out, looking at unconsciousness in people and being insane... in other words, not the 'personal fault' of ANYONE...
every blessed thing has been a mis-understanding 'between' all people until now