Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The truth shall set you free?

I lie a lot. Well, sometimes I tell the truth but often I don’t. Therefore you can never trust me.

Most people are lying, not only politicians, businessmen and criminals. Both men and women cheat on each other. Some people are mostly trustworthy, some people are pathological liars, and the majority is something in between.
I am, I suppose, an average liar.

Thousands of Catholic priests in the US proved to be child molesters. Also, many priests in Ireland and Germany have been caught with their pants down. Were these guys average liars or were they real fucking liars? What did they teach in their sermons? What do you think?

How often do you catch yourself lying?
Do you feel strange when you catch yourself lying?
If all people are liars, more or less, does this not mean that lies should be fully accepted?

There are of course many different kinds of lies, white lies, noble lies, big lies, lying by omission and many more. There are good lies and bad lies.

To lie is also culturally conditioned. I saw a documentary a few years ago from Kamchatka. People up there don’t lie at all. They can’t understand how people can lie to each other. “How can you trust each other”, one of them asked, “if you lie to each other.”

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