Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Irrelevant definitions and labels.

Some people label themselves Jews and some label themselves Muslims.
Some label themselves Sunni Muslims and some label themselves Shia Muslims. There are so many definitions and labels to attach to oneself and to others, Catholic, Protestant, atheist, realist, spiritually awake, deluded, stupid, Brahmin, Shudra, left-winger, right-winger…

Many definitions and labels are just insubstantial mental creations and imaginations. Cultural differences exist only in our fantasies. They don’t represent any "real" differences. So many terrible wars have been fought because of these insubstantial mental constructions. The results have been, and still are, misunderstandings, horrors and madness.

Man and woman can perhaps be relevant labels. Men and women are different. However, in what sense is a Palestinian woman and a Jewish woman different? They hate each other because of their different labels. The Palestinian woman is upset because people who label themselves Jews oppress her and her family.

If you insist that your religion is important to you because it brings meaning, sacredness and a sense of coherence to your life, but refuse too see all the horrors it has been responsible for, then you are deluded.

Only if you are painfully aware of how many terrible things that have been caused by your religion can it possibly bring true meaning, sacredness and a sense of coherence to your life.

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